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Civil wedding and church wedding, or mind and love?

In spring, all nature bursts out – grows, blooms, couples, and mates, digs caves, makes dens and nests. Swallows frantically mould their earthenware houses under the roof, they do not want to build only in especially left places; there are full of them everywhere. They have even settled under the roof of a balcony and have tried to mould to the door of the balcony for several times.  It falls to teach them civilisation. There is no demonstration in their coupling and mating, but what a huge enthusiasm and responsibility! Here, in Resort, frantic elements of nature are in harmony with all the nature and human being. There is something to learn from nature for a man, especially, for an unnatural man, for a believing man.

Out flowed and flowing river.
After having polluted our mind with ideologies and soul with beliefs, we are fighting, polluting and killing territories, rivers, and lakes ever more. A victory of faith, a wooden cross requires destruction of life, to kill and cross the tree.
Meditation, the cleaning and transformation of mind and soul, protects and returns flow, love, and ecstacity for a man, and later, for nature best.

The press from the front page screams about the wedding of TV hostess Agne and banker Simas; of how they got married in church and christened the son of the bride on the way. The wedding and christening are burlesque because there are things to show and people to see. It is easy and it itches to show everything that is material. It is even hard to resist. Usually exhibitions and parodies are created when there is a lack of feeling, inside, love or when these do not exist at all. We always need to peer at what we lack and create. So far in the world and, especially, in Lithuania, exhibitions are overmuch, and love and humanity are lacking. Distinctly lacking. Life is neither television nor bank. These are only caps of life. Even hats, maybe. It is woeful when neither head nor heart can be found under them.

In nature, nothing and nobody cares of civil or church wedding, do not register their mating neither for the government in villages nor for gods in churches. Couples and lovers do need neither guests nor clergymen, neither gods nor witnesses. They may be but they are not necessary. If they are necessary, neither energy nor, especially, love, flow between them. Then it will be not a real but a burlesque couple; the same with the wedding as well. All natural Earth mates and lives according to individuality, the flow. Without parodies. From the inside. Only living like this does growth, maturation, evolution, intercourse, sex and movement from sex to lovemaking and even behind it happens.

A girl before and after the christening.
No orders, traditions and ceremonies exist in free living nature, there is only growth, conversion, and transformation; coming out into this world, birth, and death, coming back to the inside.
Let us protect nature and man from prohibitions, orders and ceremonies. Then we will be surrounded by constant shine of stars and permanent bloom of trees; dance, song and feasting of man, nature.

In nature, couples share from the very beginning to an end; a male leads, a female flows. In nature, all individuals feel the flow of vital and sexual energy. Even electric and other devices react towards almost inanimate vital and sexual energies. The initial feature of a couple is their sense of the flow of energies. A couple without the sense of the flow of energies is determined to be unhappy. Couples in nature feel this flow and do not play the ape, push and fight for that. Real, non-burlesque mating is only the beginning of the wedding, the beginning of leading-flowing.

Usually, those who devote much money, effort and time for the wedding, demonstration, lack sense, harmony, love. These must be created. And not only before marriage, but after it as well. Every day, every moment. A couple is born only after a response to the flow, leading, to sense, love, after taking up responsibility, after mutual response to love. Apparently, the first couple of nature, of the Universe even, is hydrogen; the atom of hydrogen was born in the very beginning of the Universe before almost fourteen billion years. In each drop of water and life is hydrogen, the couple of proton, the positive charge and electron, the negative charge. Hydrogen, born out of the pull of proton and electron, of energy flow, maybe even love, is the carrier of life and evolution from the very beginning of the Universe. Lovers and it do not bother about parodies or even the wedding. The worst of it is if mating and coupling are disturbed by a belief that civil or church wedding will help to create harmony and love. It is nothing of the kind.

This is the law: the more attention, money, energy, time a couple devotes to the wedding, christening and other parodies, the less of them are left to create harmony, life, love; the more they devote to leading and flowing, the more harmonious is the couple, the family, the happier all the members. Actions of a man must resemble the burst, the unfolding, the growth of a seed in the soil; actions of a woman, those to the response of the soil to the seed’s growing, striking root, branching, blossoming, fragrance. The seed has already got inner structure and energy. But they may be improved. The soil has already got the material and energy, but they have to flow into the seed, to distinguish and support that which is real, natural, and alive, that in which balance and future is. To flow and support not a weed but the grass; to flow and support not a stump, a cross or a dinosaur, but the tree, the plant, the graft, or the mammal. To live a happy life in modern society, hardened of ideologies, parties and beliefs, a man must learn to lead and a woman, to flow. Every moment, always.

It is harmful to change the soil and the plant often. Only when they do not fit for each other. Once, twice over the whole life. On the one hand, it is best to never transplant a tree.  It is namely like this in nature. On the other hand, sometimes the soil may grow a much more beautiful and productive tree or the tree may be more beautiful and productive but – only in another soil. Then transplantation must be done with head and heart.

In earth everything grows. Both sowed folly and parody, and love. And not only grows but evolves. When leaders and gods do not disturb and – even when disturb. It is important to see this. When a glimpse is interfered with a cap or a hat, let us use the insight. Let us try to see what is under them. Are head and heart, mind and love under them? No problem if we do not have the insight. This may be grown as well as the garden. Grown by living and meditating, connecting life to meditation. Then everything becomes a garden, a fragrance, an orchestra. Thus may be the destiny of ours, of Lithuania, of all the Earth.



Prembuda, 12/06/2012

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