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Beloved Osho, could you please speak of the mysteries of the heart?

Part 2

One day the scientist is going to need the support of the politician, because scientific instruments, labs, are becoming so complicated and so costly. No scientist will be able to afford them, as in the old days. Galileo could work in his own house with a small lab of his own – private. That is no longer possible. A nuclear plant has to be supported by a great nation with a huge amount of money, and thousands of scientists have to be supported.

A single scientist cannot work ... Things have become so complicated that all scientific research has finally to be subordinated to the politicians. And once you are in their hands – just servants – they are going to use whatever you produce for their own purposes. You may not be producing them for destruction. That is not the point. You are producing under politicians, with their money, with their power. You are simply a servant. You are not going to decide what is going to be done with your discoveries, with your inventions.

The politicians have their own ends, but I can see a very deep connection. It is the same mind that moves in the direction of science, a search for power: reduce the unknown into the known, and mind becomes powerful. The politician is also in the same search, the search for domination, power. And if science can support this, then the politician is willing to manage all the money, all the manpower, all the intelligence that is needed by science. But whatever it produces will be used for more power, for more domination, for a world-conquering, destructive process.

But the heart, Nivedana, has nothing to do with the known or the unknown. The heart is concerned with the unknowable. You can experience it, you can have all of it – the whole mystery of it, but don't ask for its demystification. That's what we are always asking: that the mystery should be explained in a logical and rational way, so we can become powerful over the mystery. This is an ego trip. Knowledge is an ego trip. The heart is the world of love, not of logic, and the heart is not at all concerned with any ego trips. It knows nothing of the ego. It is very humble, very simple, very childlike.

You are asking, "Could you please speak of the mysteries of the heart?" I can manage, I am managing even this very moment for you to experience something of the mysterious, of the unknowable. It is surrounding you here. In this silence you can have a taste, you can enter into the mystery of the heart, but slip down from the head. Don't ask for any explanation. Just be a little child who does not ask anything, who accepts everything. Do you remember your childhood? It will help. Mostly we forget all about our real childhood. Do you remember the time when you were only two years old? You don't. People start remembering only from nearabout four years old. That is the end of childhood. You have become part of the society. You have started learning its alphabet, its manners.

And parents feel very happy when a child starts being mannerly, starts talking with people the way grown-ups should talk. Parents feel immensely happy but they don't know what they have destroyed. They have destroyed a mysterious world – the world of fairies, the world of the wonderlands. The child was living in an innocence that they have completely erased. That's why if you go backwards trying to remember, you will be finally stuck somewhere near the age of four. And the women perhaps may be stuck at the age of three, because girls are one year ahead of boys. They mature sooner. They become civilized one year earlier. They behave better.

Experienced mothers have told me that even in their pregnant state, after the third or fourth month, they can feel whether it is a girl or a boy, because the boy starts playing football. The girl remains quiet, relaxed, but the boy starts kicking here and there. That is going to be his lifelong thing. He is starting to rehearse before he comes out. Girls are quieter: boys cannot even sit quietly for a few moments; they need continuous occupation, something has to be done. And this remains a lifelong thing. Because the girls are more centered and more silent they start learning social manners better than the boys. Boys have many other occupations – so many things have to be done, so they are always diverted. In schools, in colleges, in universities, they can't compete with the girls. Girls are always coming first in the class, are always getting the gold medals. It is very strange that all their gold medals are used only for finding a good husband. That means a rich husband – a doctor, an engineer, somebody with the possibility of being a professional success. But boys cannot compete with girls for the simple reason that their minds are diverted into so many directions that they cannot concentrate.

If you go backwards you will be stuck either at the age of four or at the age of three. But what happened in those three or four years you don't remember, because nothing logical happened, nothing rational happened, you did not ask for any explanation. You simply enjoyed the beautiful colors of the flowers, you enjoyed running after butterflies, you enjoyed collecting seashells, colored stones. And you were so immensely happy for no reason at all. Just because you had collected some seashells you thought, "What can be more beautiful?

What more could Alexander the Great brag about?" You had the whole world in your hands because you had collected a few wildflowers. You were so much enjoying, rejoicing, but you have forgotten all that authentic childhood. The mystic has to learn again to be a child. But because you have been a child, the second childhood is not difficult. It is already there deep down in your being. It has to be rediscovered ... I will not say "discovered," I would refer to it as "rediscovery" – you have known it already.


Osho, Sat Chit Anand, Truth Consciousnes Bliss, Talks given from 22/11/87 am to 06/12/87 pm, CHAPTER 18 The only riches are of the heart, 30 November 1987 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium, 1987 Sat Chit Anand #18, II dalis, Question 2


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