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Beloved Osho, could you please speak of the mysteries of the heart?

Part 1

Prem Nivedana, that's what I have been saying: the mysteries of the heart cannot be spoken. You can experience ... and there is no need for any explanation, for any expression. We are accustomed to figure out everything rationally. It is an old, long, perhaps a million-year-old habit.We feel a little at uneasy if we cannot figure out something completely rationally, logically. That which remains unexpressed haunts us. The whole of science is born out of it. It is the haunting of the unknown. It becomes almost a nightmare. It is perfectly good for science to be haunted by the unknown because the unknown can be made into the known.


Outside your being there are only two categories – the known and the unknown. What is known today was unknown yesterday, what is unknown today may become known tomorrow, so those two categories are not really different. It is only a question of time, inquiry, adventure, and everything that is objective perhaps can be reduced one day into the single category of the known.

But in the inner world, the world of the heart you are talking about, there is a third category of existence, the unknowable. That's why science does not accept anything inside you. Science does not accept you at all because to accept you is to accept a mystery which is unknowable. And the scientific mind will become almost insane because the unknowable cannot be made known. That is simply the nature of it.

And the mind wants everything to be known, just as Roger Bacon said – his was one of the most significant scientific minds – 'Knowledge is power' and mind wants power. And the way to power is to know more and more and finally to know everything. The unknown is beyond mind's power. You cannot dominate the unknown. How can you dominate it? You don't know about it. The whole territory is in darkness. You have first to bring the territory into light, within your control. Mind is a politician and the whole of science is a by-product of the mind. And you can see the connection: finally what mind creates goes into the hands of the politicians.

What Albert Einstein created reached the hands of President Truman. When he wrote the letter to the American president, Roosevelt, that I can make the atomic bomb,  he was welcomed immediately into America, given all the facilities. When he wrote to Truman, Roosvelt was out of the office, now Truman was the President. When he heard that Truman is going to drop those atom bombs that he has created and he has created them only for emergency, if a situation comes that the fascist countries are going to win and destroy the all democratic world, then, in a final urgency, atom bombs can be used and the whole situation can be changed.

Because without Albert Einstein Germany was unable to make an atomic bomb. He was making an atomic bomb for Germany. But because he was a Jew and Germany was killing Jews in the millions – although he was not going to be killed, he was so important for Adolf Hitler's victory and his idea of conquering the whole world – still, as a protest, he escaped from Germany and he wrote te letter to Roosevelt, very famous letter. He was immediately welcomed: "You come and you can have all the facilities that you want to work and create the atom bomb."

When Truman decided to drop atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki without any reason: there was no urgency, there was no emergency; Germany had already fallen and Japan was going to fall within two weeks at the most. There was no way for Japan to stand alone without Germany. Japan's forces were already losing their morale and they knew perfectly well that, "If Germany is gone, how long can we stay?" All the generals of Truman told him, "It is absolutely absurd to drop atom bombs, because within two weeks or even before that Japan is going to kneel down before us." Now, it is absolutely ugly to destroy two huge cities. And they had nothing to do with the war. Small children, old parents, wives – they had nothing to do with it. They were simply citizens living in those cities.

And Albert Einstein wrote another letter, hoping that just as his first letter was welcomed, the second would also be welcomed. He was utterly disappointed. But I could have told him even before that he should not write the second letter, that nobody would even answer it. It was not answered because he was asking that, "It is absolutely wrong, immoral, when a country is falling apart by itself ... I have not created bomb for such a situation. If Japan was winning I would have been the first to suggest that it was time to drop the bomb, but Germany is finished,

Japan is almost finished. Dropping the atom bomb on an enemy who is losing ground every day is absolutely absurd and inhuman, and I protest against it. Please don't do it."

But nobody even answered, nobody even cared. Einstein died in great sadness and depression. When asked, "If you were given another chance to be born, would you not like again to be a physicist because much that you have been doing has been left incomplete? Obviously you would like to complete it," he said, "Absolutely not. If I am given another chance I would rather be a plumber than a physicist, because my whole life has been used by the politicians. I have been deceived ..." But the whole of science is in the same position. It is not a superficial phenomenon. The reasons are deeper – perhaps the scientists are not even aware. Mind is the politician and the whole of science is nothing but the search for power. And that's what politics is – a search for power in another direction, and one day finally they are going to meet.


Osho, Sat Chit Anand, Truth Consciousnes Bliss, Talks given from 22/11/87 am to 06/12/87 pm, CHAPTER 18 The only riches are of the heart, 30 November 1987 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium, 1987 Sat Chit Anand #18, II dalis, Question 2


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