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Begin with catharsis*

I never tell people to begin with just sitting. Begin from where beginning is easy. Otherwise, you will start to feel many things unnecessarily – things that are not there.

If you begin with sitting, you will feel much disturbance inside. The more you try to just sit, the more disturbance will be felt. You will become aware only of your insane mind and nothing else. It will create depression; you will feel frustrated, you will not feel blissful. Rather, you will begin to feel that you are insane. And sometimes you may really go insane!

If you make a sincere effort to ‘just sit’, you may really go insane. Only because people do not really try sincerely does insanity not happen more often. With a sitting posture you begin to know so much madness inside you that if you are sincere and continue it, you may really go insane. It has happened before, so many times. So I never suggest anything that can create frustration, depression, sadness...anything that will allow you to be too aware of your insanity. You may not be ready to be aware of all the insanity that is inside you.

You must be allowed to get to know certain things gradually. Knowledge is not always good. It must unfold itself slowly, as your capacity to absorb it grows.


I begin with your insanity, not with a sitting posture. I allow your insanity. If you dance madly, the opposite happens within you. With a mad dance, you begin to be aware of a silent point within you; with sitting silently, you begin to be aware of madness. The opposite is always the point of awareness.

With you dancing madly, chaotically, with crying, with chaotic breathing, I allow your madness. Then you begin to be aware of a subtle point, a deep point inside you which is silent and still, in contrast to the madness on the periphery. You will feel very blissful; at your center there is an inner silence. But if you are just sitting, then the inner one is the mad one. You are silent on the outside, but inside you are mad.

If you begin with something active something positive, alive, moving it will be better. Then you will begin to feel an inner stillness growing. The more it grows, the more it will be possible for you to use a sitting posture or a lying posture - the more silent meditation will be possible.


*- Excerpt from OSHO. Meditation – the first and last freedom

Updated on 06-01-2018

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