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Through Meditation to Openness and Truth

(Part 3 of 4)


- Should meditation be a regular and daily practice?

- Force and commandments are absent in meditation and consciousness. In them, we see how things will get better and more harmonious, how more growth harvest and relaxation will happen. Yes, it is better to meditate daily, especially if you live in a tense environment and conditions where everything keeps on changing very rapidly. I like daily one-hour Osho dynamic meditation, which is enough for me. It requires certain conditions, but I have been meditating it every day for over 11 years and no obstacles have stopped me from meditating, including travels to the distant parts of the world.

It is possible to meditate shorter but it is better to do it at least 10-15 minutes daily. Each action also has to be meditative – easy, insightful and harmonizing. Sometimes a meditative moment may last only for a short period of time. For example, I remember when I was 26 years old, I was riding a trolley bus and suddenly it came to my consciousness: „Why do I keep on thinking all the time? Is this normal?“ This moment was very brief, but the fruitful insight was the beginning of my way of consciousness and meditation.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation where a decision needs to be made, stop, relax as much as possible, and observe how your body, energies, feelings, and consciousness respond to the situation. If you are able to remain in the thoughtless consciousness the answer will always be fast and obvious. If you are not able to do this, seek for equality and observe which actions relax your body and inside deeply. Follow them. That always works, even though at the beginning some mistakes may happen. This is the way insights and meditations work.

So, when you experience a huge tension you do not have to use alcohol, aggression, fighting or other means to run away from the situation. Instead, relax and accept all the tensions and energies in your body and inside, and find balance. I will share another inspiring personal story. Once I prepared a scientific report and the next day I had to present it at a scientific conference. A day before I with my colleague figured out that the subject-matter of our report had been already discovered! What should we do? The co-author of the report suggested that we not present it. That would mean going backward. I relaxed, found new insight, started writing down the formulas, and programmed. In the evening I checked their validity with my colleague, drew a scheme at home, and the next day on my way to the scientific conference in Kaunas I asked my colleagues to check my work for mistakes. I was talking about eye hypersensitivity, why they are more sensitive to a movement than the measurements of an eye receptor. The report was accepted very well and later on its basis I sent the thesis to the European Conference of Visual Perception where it was also accepted. And this is how in 1990s, as I have already mentioned, for the first time I went to the free world—to Paris. Free of charge because they provided funding. If I stayed with my tensions and did not relax, this would never have happened.

- Are there any simple meditation techniques which can be meditated by any magazine reader without any special preparation?

- There are plenty of them. One of the simplest meditations is to sit down and relax by consciously breathing through the nose. Energy is being created while breathing. It starts to rise. Do not fall into thoughts, your past, emotions, etc. Stay on the wave. Observe your body. If you are in a safe situation and surroundings, relax your legs and arms. If not, cross your legs and put your hands into each other, close your eyes and sit straight. It is very useful if you are in beautiful surroundings, for example in nature, peace, and silence. You may turn on meditative music. Light clothing, pure air, fresh smell, regular time, a comfortable chair, a meditative partner, words of meditative recording, not excessively energetic or tired state, the readiness to look for truth but not victory, will be of much help.

In addition remember, that any insight is deeper than your thinking.So, first of all, use your insights and relaxation. Take the tension of your question or problem and energies into your body, mind, and consciousness, and look how to inspiringly express them and relax. Look at all possible thoughts, emotions, and actions. With equality and benefit for everyone. If you find an answer, then the biggest benefit and relaxation will be for you and those who are close to you. Energetically, the effect of meditation decreases the further the person is from the meditator.

Attentively and evenly breathing through the nose will activate a body and awaken the energies present within. If you feel a physical tension or discomfort in any part of your body, relax it by breathing. If you cannot manage to do this, stand up and move a little bit, relax joints, muscles, and thoughts, emotions as much as you can. Then sit down again and continue breathing in silence, peace by feeling at least your body. Inner growth will happen like a when a seed is planted in the soil. The mind will resist like an eggshell, but meditation, truth, and freedom start beyond it. Typically, without a meditation master, many remain on the side of thoughts. Even with a master, one needs at least minimal intelligence and guidance about which direction to move and what to tune to.

Observe your body and the inside, see where you are tense, feel what the causes of the tensions are, and remove them. What does this look like in practice? For example, you have discovered a certain tension in your body. Observe it and see what cause the cause is. If you look carefully within, you will see that it comes from your mind and a set of thoughts. If you manage to relax those thoughts, then your body will also relax and you manage to solve the problem. One meditator during a meditative course was looking at why tensions have been accumulating in her shoulders for few months. During meditation, she saw that it is partially because of a habit and because of a wish to be good; she gives the lower service price to a client and then she is in a hurry to the work within the shorter period of time. That does not only cause tension, but also prevents from performing her work in the best way possible. This insight needs to be implemented in the work. But the consequences are wonderful and enduring.

If an answer and meditation do not come, stay in silence and relaxation as much as it is possible for you. Do not try with your mind, because a thought always tenses and pulls outside and down from consciousness and meditation. Sometimes putting in efforts and exhausting yourself may be helpful, provided that you stay attentive. The bigger the problem and tension you have, the sooner you may get tired in the body and mind, but stay attentive and by doing so, you may find an answer and meditation. Do not run away from the big problems, but dive into them. That is also the possibility of huge discoveries and meditation. Afterward be more conscious in your life situations and do not create new problems needlessly. You can relax tension through a move or catharsis at any time.

Most of the time, the causes of our tensions are local wishes, desires, plans, attachments, ambitions, unfulfilled or even unfulfillable promises, etc. They create inequalities, then tensions and pull us down and outside. One does not always need to do or not do something for equality. The most important is equality and creative, evolutionary equality which is beneficial for all. Having created equality on the outside and inside, wellbeing, health and freedom follow like a shadow, like its natural consequence. That may take not a month or a year, but the consequences remain also as long as equality stays. The higher equality is, the higher the consequences are. Equality and meditation are followed not only by riches but also by health, joy, happiness, and freedom.

You may also meditate upon the situation why you quarreled with your beloved, neighbor, and colleague and find the answer and balance. Inequality and conflicts go along with closeness and walls, equality and harmony – with openness and truth. You get what you give. When in meditation we “equilibrate” our behavior with respect to the other, naturally the other behaves in the same way. In physics, an action equals the reaction. That is the easiest way. Because of that, practically in my life, I have never got angry because I was always turning myself within. I was always looking and always found the answer, which is more useful for all sides than anger or conflict. (to be continued)



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