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The occult mysteries of religion (Part V)*

Thoughts have infinite possibilities, but they are physical all the same. Therefore, be very careful what you think, because the subtle thought waves will remain with you even after the body falls. Your physical age is quite short compared to the age of these subtle waves. Scientists have now come to the conclusion that if there have been people like Jesus and Krishna, in the near future they will be able to catch hold of the thought waves of these people. Then we shall be able to tell whether Krishna ever really spoke the Gita – because the thought waves that emanated from Krishna are still present in the universe, rebounding from some planet, some asteroid.

It is just like when we throw a stone into the sea: when it falls it forms a small circle. The stone will sink because it cannot stay long on the surface of the water: it begins to sink as soon as it touches the water. The ripples caused by its impact on the water begin to increase. They become larger and larger and their extension is endless. They may go beyond the horizon of your vision, and who knows what distant shores they have reached.

So thoughts, no matter when they were born – not only those that were spoken but also those that were in the mind – also spread in the universe, and they go on spreading. And they can be caught hold of. Someday, when the momentum of science increases and man progresses further, we will be able to hear them once again. Now the radio news relayed from Delhi to Bombay takes some time to reach Bombay because sound takes time to travel. By the time it reaches Bombay it is no more in Delhi: the waves have left Delhi though the distance is only of a few moments duration. There is a time gap.

Now suppose in India we are seeing a man in New York on television. When his image is formed in New York it is not at once visible to us; there is a gap between its formation and the time when it reaches us. It could be that in that interval the man may have died, but he will appear alive to us.

Thought waves from the earth, as well as the ripples of other happenings, go out to the infinite number of planets. If we were to go ahead of them and catch them they would still be alive in a sense. Man dies but his thoughts do not die that quickly. Man’s life is very short; the life of thoughts is very long. Remember also, the thoughts we do not express live longer than those we express because they are more subtle. The more subtle a thing, the longer is its life; the more gross, the shorter is the life.

Thoughts influence the physical world in many ways. We have no idea of their effect. Biologists have now experienced that if a loving type of music is played beside a plant it begins to flower soon – even out of season. If noisy, chaotic music is played close by it then it does not flower – not even in season. The vibrations of the music touch the plant. Cows give more milk under the influence of a different type of music. Thoughts produce a more subtle ether that produces an aura of ripples. Each man carries around him his own world of thoughts from which ripples go on spreading out continuously.


* - Excerpt from OSHO. In Search of the Miraculous, Vol 2


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