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The occult mysteries of religion (Part IV)*

Work is being done on the fourth plane also but from a different dimension. As mind was considered to be apart from the body, some scientists are working only upon mind; they have left the body completely out. They have experienced a lot of things about the fourth body. For instance, we are all, in a way, transmitters. Our thoughts spread all around us. Even when I am not talking to you my thoughts reach you.

A lot of work is in progress in Russia in the field of telepathy. One scientist, Fayadev, has been successful in transmitting thoughts to a person at a distance of a thousand miles just as is done in radio transmission. If we concentrate our attention with full willpower in a particular direction and transmit a thought, it reaches that particular destination. If the mind at the other end is equally open and ready to receive at that moment and is concentrated in the same direction, the thought is received.

You can try a simple experiment at home. Small children catch thought waves very quickly because their receptivity is very sharp. Seat a child in a dark room in one corner and tell him to concentrate on you for five minutes. Tell him that you will tell him something in silence and he should try and listen. If he hears it he should repeat what he heard. Then you choose a word, say Rama. Now concentrate on the child and repeat this word within yourself until it resounds in you. Do not say it aloud. In two to three days’ time, you will find that the child has caught the word.

The reverse can also take place. Once the experiment succeeds it will be easy to carry out further tests. Now you may tell the child to concentrate on you. He should think of a word and throw it in your direction in the same way. With the first part of the experiment your doubt was cleared when the child caught your word. So now you will be receptive and catch the child’s word. When the experiment is successful you will stop doubting, and your receptivity will increase accordingly.

Between you and the child there is the physical world. This thought should be intrinsically physical in its content or it will not be able to cross the physical medium. You will be surprised to know that Mahavira has even defined karmas as material. If you are angry and you kill someone it is an action of anger and of murder. Mahavira says that the subtle atoms of these actions cling to you as the scum of karmas and actions. So actions too are physical, and they also hold onto you like matter.

Mahavira calls becoming free of this accumulated conditioning of karmas nirjara – deconditioning. All the atoms of these karmas that have collected around you should fall off. The day you are rid of them all, what remains of you will be absolutely pure. Nirjara means the falling off of the atoms of actions. When you are angry it is an action, then this anger remains with you always in its atomic form. That is why when the physical body falls these atoms do not disintegrate – because they are very subtle. They come along with you in the next birth.

So the mental body is the subtle form of the astral body. Thus, as you can see, there is no gap between these four bodies. Each is a more subtle form of the preceding body. A lot of work is being done on the mental body. Scientists are working in the field of psychology and especially parapsychology, and the strange and wonderful rules of mental energy are slowly coming within their grasp. Religion grasped them a long time ago, but now many things have become clear to science as well.

There are many people in Monte Carlo who cannot be defeated in the game of dice. Whatever dice they throw brings about the numbers they want. At first it was thought that perhaps the dice were specially designed to throw the number they desired. Then the dice were changed but the result was the same: the dice fell exactly where these people wanted them. Several changes of dice yielded the same result. Even when blindfolded these people managed to throw the right number. This made others sit up and take note. Investigations were begun to find the reason. Actually, the very determination of their thought influenced the dice. They threw the dice with a determination to get the number they wanted. Their thought waves then brought the dice to that same number. What does this mean? If thought waves are capable of changing the direction of dice, they must also be material or else this would not be possible.

Carry out a small experiment and you will understand. Since you talk of science, I talk of experiments. Take a glass filled with water. Add a little glycerine or any other greasy liquid so as to form a thin film on the surface of the water. Place a straight pin lightly over this film so that it floats on the surface. Close the room from all sides. With your palms flat on the ground, concentrate your attention fully on the pin. For five minutes look straight at the pin. Then tell the pin to turn to the left and it will turn to left. Then tell it to turn to the right and it will turn to the right. Tell it to stop and it will stop; tell it to move and it will move. If your thought can move a pin, it can move a mountain also; it is only a matter of proportion. Fundamentally the principle is the same. If you have the ability to move a pin the fundamentals are proven. It is a different matter that the mountain may be too huge a structure to move – but it can move.

Our thought waves touch matter and transform it. There are people who when given your handkerchief will be able to tell approximately as much about you as can be told by seeing you. This is because your handkerchief absorbs your thought waves. These waves are so subtle that a handkerchief which belonged to Alexander the Great will still carry the facts about his personality. The waves are so subtle that it takes them millions of years to come out of the object. This is why graves and samadhis came to be constructed.


* - Excerpt from OSHO. In Search of the Miraculous, Vol 2


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