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The Heart of Meditation is Witnessing. How to Attain it?*

(Part 2 of 2)


Witnessing may not be attained. Witnessing happens without attaining, but when being yourself. Precisely you not being yourself or following stars, bibles, saints, messiahs or prophets prevent the witnessing from happening. Do not attempt to attain witnessing, but be yourself. The attempt will hinder. The act of witnessing reminds the transformation of an embryo to a little bird in an egg. An embryo and a little bird are already present in an egg. It may not become a little bird unless certain conditions exist. When such conditions exist, an embryo does not need to do anything to become a little bird. It only needs to be absolutely itself, do not following anything, relax and grow.

Mind is a part of attainment, but witnessing happens not to the mind or in the mind. Witnessing happens upon the blossoming and opening of the soul, having the mind calmed down and the soul withdrawn from the mind. Not only after the soul withdraws, but after the proper, balanced withdrawal and disidentification. Witnessing happens like the healing of a wound or recovery from diseases, like flower blossoming. The capacity of wound healing or recovery is already present in body, in an individual. A body is becoming healthy not because we heal it, but because we eliminate the reasons which caused an illness and provide everything what is needed for health. Body will take what is needed. Doctors assert that 90 percent of the body heals itself and only 10 percent is contributed by an individual, outer treatment, medicine. Soul witnessing shows its health and happens like body healing. Witnessing shows that consciousness of a soul is growing, awakening, awakening in spirit. It is a very high consciousness, almost never heard or encountered in the West.

When witnessing, we go through the mind like we fly through clouds by airplane. Just like the outer sky becomes visible beyond clouds, the inner sky becomes visible beyond the mind, meditation happens. The "I" disappears, only the sky remains. We see that our "I" was only an illusion, that in fact, it is absent and was never present. That was only a temporal formation created by us maybe not in one life, but it was only a shell of our awakening soul. Witnessing and meditation cannot happen unconsciously, because they happen to consciousness, to the awakened soul. Like sprouting may wake up only in a life form. A lifeless object cannot sprout, an unconscious object cannot witness. Only conscious action raises consciousness.

Witnessing unites both worlds, unites the worlds of matter and spirit, and takes an individual through the mind and death. A very conscious individual witnesses his own death and birth, witnesses even the path of bardo, i.e. the path from the death of a body to the birth of a new body. Tibetan buddhists have explored that well and everyone who does not want to remain a spiritual mankurt (a man without the memory of his own history) and needlessly suffer and torture others, may research and use it. Now, after the occupation of Tibet by the Chinese, many tulkus, Tibetan lamas who remember their past lives, are reborn in other countries and are accessible for the happiness of others. However, Tibetan Buddhists accept many vows, abide to numerous rules and because of that vitality cannot flow through them, they may not relax totally. That hinders life, meditation and enlightenment.

Witnessing liberates an individual from any duality, and those witnessing life and death, god and devil, light and darkness, awaken. The enlightened one may speak and say not a word of god, but even a higher and a more conscious word of buddha, a word uttered by the one who woke up from believing and ignorance, a word, which comes and disappears in the emptiness, in the very consciousness. That cannot be attained, but it happens when growing, being yourself and awakening in witnessing and consciousness, after one awakens in the Cosmic consciousness.




* - Quote from book "Meditation: Share of Soul" by Prembuddha. You can purchase it on the internet at, and Lithuanian bookshops.

Updated on 03-03-2018

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