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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Meditation School / Meditative Lecture and Course


Meditative lecture: May 21, 2021 (Fri) 6.30 PM-8.00 PM
Seminar: May 21, 2021 (Fri) 6.30 PM-10.30 PM
Course: May 21-23, 2021 (Fri-Sun); starts on Fri at 6.30 PM
(lecture and seminar included)
Sat 9.30 AM – 8.30 PM; Sun 9.30 AM – 6.30 PM; lunch break on Sat, Sun at 2.00-3.15 PM.

At Meditation Center Ojas Zenhall, 21D Pavasario Str., Vilnius, Lithuania, EU.


Lead by Meditation Master Prembuda who has been living and working for more than 29 years without the sick-leave days



We are born with similarities and differences to our parents, brothers, sisters and all other people.  From the very childhood, my brought balance and seeing not to take what is at the reach of my hand and what is given by relatives and surroundings have been helping me as they always give habits and addictions in addition to the good.

During the recent years my life have unfolded and blossomed as much as never before, because I followed my nature, situation and wholeness in my body, mind and soul. The second that much was helped and changed by meditation - going along with deep harmony, nature and consciousness. All harmful habits and addictions turned into well-being, inspiration and freedom. That is available to everyone and it is the most effective way.

It is clearer how to change body habits, but inertia is bigger. The inertia to change emotional and mind models is smaller, but it is more difficult to see. Education, believing or violence pushes the problems further; the solution is given only by freedom and meditation - going with nature, situation and wholeness. Even a small change inspires shows and liberates.

In the course we will meditate, look deeper into our inner and outer addictions, their forms, energies, sensations and changes, consequences and causes. This way wellbeing, freedom and love multiply in our lives. You are welcome to join.

Actual answers are given by a single course, but totality by meditation, Meditation School and consciousness.




Newcomers may attend by joining any course of the Meditation School. Please arrive 15-30 minutes in advance to introduce yourself and to be introduced to meditation instructions and laws. Please wear light hygienic clothing, having a mat is recommended.

Have your personal ID document, there is a meditative contribution.

Info: Mob. (8-685) 11 533, (8-619) 11 551.




    "In fact, for me Meditation School courses, meditative energy are the main landmark and I don't want to move in other directions. It would be grim without that. Like it was before – I felt pretty grim, without any purpose, with lost interest in life. When I was fourteen, sixteen, I felt huge amount of energies and right away started feeling the growing aggression, however still there was emptiness inside. I wanted something, but that was moved away. It was moving away until I came here where relaxation and fulfilment keeps on growing", shares Mindaugas, participant of Meditation School.

    "It is nice to have such environment where I can come, bring my situations, problems and see them in a neutral environment. Although I consider myself being an individualist and it seems that I will do everything on my own, but here everything happens faster and clearer. I needed much time to realize that I will not walk far away on my own, that I need to take experience from those around me, from meditators, from you for this process to be accelerated not ten, but probably hundred times." Andrius

    "Huge experiences, with each course of Meditation School my sensitivity grows, everything is alive for me. Probably in life nothing, but only meditation can help." Andzelika.

    "I am excited to seek and use in my life what I have learnt here.  This way I also verify how energies move and things are being resolved in life. At work and at home that helps me to find wellbeing and look for balance." Povilas. 

    "Meditation School, meditative practices and meditation is the place or the way how to live in balance or with more balance." Agne, participant of Meditation School.


About Meditation School

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