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Registration to Introductory meditation tour

When preparing to the meeting with meditation and oneself, registration to Introductory Meditation Tour (IMT) is accepted up to three days before IMT. For registration, please fill in registration form:

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5th December, 2021 (Sun), In Ojas Zenhall, Vilnius

2nd January, 2022 (Sun), In Ojas Zenhall, Vilnius

6th February, 2022 (Sun), In Ojas Zenhall, Vilnius

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The form data and photo are useful for recognition, security and growth of openness and sincerity.

Your data will be used only for participation in meditations, meditation practices, courses, etc; they shall not be used for advertising and marketing; they shall not be given to the third parties, including police, security department, church, etc.

If you fail to register by filling this form, please send the registration data by e-mail to

When we will get the registration form data in time, we will confirm your registration to your given e-mail before IMT.


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