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Beloved Osho, Why Do You Always Laugh At The Pope? Are You Against Him For Any Personal Reasons?*

Part 1

Dhyan Yogi, I have no antagonism against anybody in the world for personal reasons. I laugh at the pope for absolutely impersonal reasons. First, he pretends to be the only infallible man in the whole world, which is absolutely absurd, because the whole history of popes shows that is not right.

One pope burned Joan of Arc because she had become so powerful, so respected by people, that the pope started feeling jealous. She had freed France from slavery. And certainly a young girl with such courage had never been seen in the whole of history. It was obvious that she would have tremendous love and respect from the people. She had brought freedom to them as a gift.

The pope was very jealous. In fact, he felt that people had been paying more attention to her than to him. He declared her a witch and once the pope declared any woman a witch, the only punishment was to be burned alive. And Joan of Arc was burned alive. It was very shocking to the whole of Europe.

And slowly, slowly the sympathy towards Joan of Arc became so strong that after three hundred years, another pope came along who saw that it was impossible to remain as the highest and the most important person unless something was done about Joan of Arc, because her glory had become far greater than it was before she was burned.

And the pope decided that it was a mistake to think of her as a witch. ”She is a saint,” he declared. ”From now onwards, she will be known as Saint Joan of Arc.” And her grave was opened – just burned bones were there. Those bones were taken out after three hundred years, worshipped, taken to the special graveyard where only saints have their graves, and the pope himself came for this great moment to confer sainthood on those dead bones. The woman had been burned three hundred years before. On what grounds can the pope say that he is infallible?

Such cases are many. If one pope decides she is a witch and another pope decides she is a saint, both cannot be right. Both can be wrong, but both cannot be right. If one is right, then the other is wrong. The idea of infallibility is laughable. It is sheer arrogance. And the pope declares that he is the direct representative of Jesus. The truth is that the tradition of popes started three hundred years after Jesus’ crucifixion. There is a gap between the beginning of the tradition of the popes and Jesus. The gap is of three hundred years. How could Jesus have appointed them to be his representatives?


But nobody asks them, because they are surrounded with Christians who simply believe whatever they say. The pope before this pope was a homosexual. It was known to everybody, because before becoming a pope, he was a cardinal in Milan, where he was continuously moving with his homosexual boyfriend. And the whole of Milan knew it. It was the talk of the town. It was so ugly. And then he was chosen to be the pope. And immediately, the first thing he did was to appoint his boyfriend as a secretary.

Secretaries seem to be strange people, but to have a woman as a secretary is understandable. And that boyfriend was hanging around him – no secretarial job or anything. That was just a facade to keep him in the Vatican. And these people go on talking about infallibility ... They go on talking about their direct connection with God. I don’t have any personal antagonism, Dhyan Yogi, and particularly towards this pope, although he is the worst that has ever happened in the long line of popes.

When Nathan Nussbaum returns to America from Europe, his partner in the men’s clothing store wants to hear everything about the trip.
”And I even went in a group to see the Vatican,” says Nathan, ”where we were blessed by the pope.”
”The pope?” exclaims the partner. ”What does he look like?”
”Nothing special,” answers Nathan. ”I would figure a size forty-four, short.”

A tailor has his own understanding about things. I also have my understanding and I am not a tailor ... I can see the whole stupidity of all the popes that have been in power.

One pope forced Galileo to change in his book his lifelong research proving that the earth moves around the sun. ”Change it, otherwise you will be punished by being burned alive. Because the BIBLE says – and the BIBLE can never be wrong, because it is the written word of God himself ... You have to change it and write that the sun goes around the earth.”

Moons of Jupiter rotating around the planet discovered by Galileo. Galileo called them The Small Copernicus System to base the theory of the planetary rotation around the Sun. 
Moons of Jupiter rotating around the planet discovered by Galileo. Galileo called them The Small Copernicus System to base the theory of the planetary rotation around the Sun. 

Galileo was very old and sick. He said, ”There is no problem. I will change it. Just one thing you have to remember: my changing it does not make any difference. The earth will still go around the sun. Neither the earth reads my books, nor the sun reads my books. If you say ... I am not a stubborn person and I don’t care which one moves. This is my research. Even if I change it, tomorrow somebody is going to discover it again; because this is the fact.”

But for the pope the question was totally different. If one thing is found wrong in the BIBLE, then the whole BIBLE comes under suspicion. Who knows? If one thing is wrong, other things may be wrong also. And if God can write wrong things – is fallible – where does the pope stand?

And particularly this pope, who is a Polack ... I am worried, immensely worried, about what they are going to find after this pope dies, although he will live longer than they think. <...>

But Christians will not take note of it. I used to talk to Stanley Jones, one of the very famous Christian missionaries. And he said, ”I can understand why you insist that I come with you, you want to show me. But we want to be clear with you, we don’t want to see the grave of Jesus, because that will destroy our whole idea that Jesus was directly called by God to heaven.”

People protect their superstitions and are not ready to encounter reality. And continuously for eighteen hundred years these popes have been protecting all kinds of Christian superstitions which don’t correspond to reality. I am not against them, I am not against anybody in the world personally. But I am against all kinds of prejudices, all kinds of nonsense, all kinds of rotten ideologies that go on existing in the name of religion.

I simply want religion to be purified. I want there to be no religions in the world, but only religiousness ... just a quality, not any organized church. No holy scripture, but the whole of life holy, and everybody coming to a consciousness which transforms his actions, his being into religious qualities– satchitanand. Everybody has to become the truth, the consciousness, and the bliss.


*Excerpt from OSHO video: Sat Chit Anand, Politicians are Great Criminals, vol.10 #12 Question 2

Updated on 29-07-2019

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