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Belief Is For Those Who Do Not Know

Part 3 of 3

Beloved Osho, at the end of the meditations I sometimes reach a quiet, expanding space inside me. It is like a feeling of vastness and it relaxes me very much. Then, after some time I get tense and afraid and the vastness reaches a barrier and disappears. Each time the silence during this experience has something unbearable in it. Beloved Osho, what is the barrier that I encounter?


A new group of husbands had just arrived in heaven. The welcoming angel looked them over and said, "Okay, all you men who were henpecked on the earth please step to the left. All those who were the boss of the house please step to the right." The line quickly formed on the left. Only one man, Hymie Goldberg, stepped to the right. Seeing Hymie looking more like a mouse than a lion, the angel inquired, "And what makes you think that you belong on the right side?" "Well," squeaked Hymie, "this is where my wife told me to stand."


A lifelong habit of listening to the wife ... even though he is dead, now there is no wife around. The gap is unbridgeable – the wife is in the world and he is in heaven – but the old habit ... The wife has even instructed him: "Don't stand in a crowd." And on the left certainly everybody was standing, so naturally he had to stand on the right.

Habits die hard, and we have so many mundane habits that when you enter into the world of the sacred you will feel you are being robbed of everything. But remember, whatever you are robbed of was false. Don't cling to it; that will become the barrier – let it go. Whatever is yours will always be yours, there is no way to rob you of it.

A man was in a Turkish bath when he looked up and saw someone stealing his clothes. He took off after the man, covering his private parts with his hat. As he turned the corner, he bumped straight into two girls who looked at him and burst out laughing. "If you were ladies," he shouted, "you would not laugh at a man in my circumstances!" "And if you were a gentleman," replied one of the girls, "you would raise your hat."

This is our known world – ladies and gentlemen. When you enter into the unknown you are neither a man nor a woman, you are neither a mind nor a heart; you are something that can only be called "X." It is better not to give any name to it, because any name will come from your vocabulary of the known. Let it remain unknown, mysterious; just don't be worried, don't be afraid.

And I say this not because it is written in some scriptures, I say this because I have passed through the same problems, the same fear, the same desire to turn back, the same barrier which proved finally to be a bridge. So whatever I am saying to you, I am saying with the absolute authority of my own experience. I am not saying to believe me, I am saying just to experiment. Let my words be just hypothetical – perhaps your experiment will prove whether they are true or untrue – don't believe in them beforehand, remain open.

I can allow you to remain open; no religion leaves you open. They say,"Believe." And the reason is that the people who had experienced may have died twenty centuries before, and now the people who are representing them have no experience of their own. They are afraid that if you don't believe ... they themselves are not certain what they are saying, whether it is true or not. They believe; hence they insist that you believe. I don't believe, I know.

Hence, I insist: experiment without any belief and you will know. Once somebody asked Raman Maharishi, "Do you believe in God?" and he said, "No." The man was shocked; he had come from far away, hearing that Raman Maharishi was an enlightened being. He thought perhaps he had been misunderstood, or he had misunderstood. He repeated his question. Raman Maharishi said, "I have heard it rightly, you have heard it rightly; there is no need to repeat it. I don't believe in God because I know."

Belief is for those who do not know. My effort with you is not to give you belief systems, but to give you hypothetical ideas to experiment on. And I have a certainty that you will come to the same conclusions. There is no other possibility.




Excerpt from: OSHO. The New Dawn. Chapter 18 "Beware of the mind: it is blind", 27 June 1987



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