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Why is it necessary for the soul to become merged with existence?*

It would be better if you had asked, “What is the need for the soul to disappear into bliss?” It would have been better if you had asked, “What is the need for the soul to become healthy?” It would be better if you had asked, “What is the need for the soul to go from darkness into light?”

The only need for the soul to dissolve into the divine is that life can never be fulfilled through pain and suffering. In other words, suffering is always unacceptable to life. Life always desires bliss. And to suffer is to be separate from the divine. When you become one with the divine, life becomes bliss.

So it is not a question of God or of the divine, it is a question of your rising from suffering into bliss, of going from darkness to the light within you. But if you feel there is no need, then be satisfied with your suffering.

But nobody can be satisfied with being in misery. Misery, by its very nature, takes you away from yourself; bliss, by its very nature, pulls you back to yourself. The world is misery, the divine is bliss. The need to merge with the divine is not a religious need; the need to merge with the divine is a fundamental need.

So it can happen that someone will say no to God, but no one will say no to bliss. This is why I say that there is no such thing as an atheist. Only someone who rejects bliss can be an atheist. Everyone in this world is a theist – a theist in the sense that each person is thirsty for bliss.

There are two kinds of theists: one is a worldly theist, the other is a spiritual theist. One believes in the world, that he will find bliss through the world. The other believes that only in the spiritual realm will he know bliss. The people you call atheists are theists in their attitudes towards the world; their quest is also for bliss. They are also searching for bliss. And today or tomorrow, when they realize that there is no bliss in this world, there will be no other alternative for them but to become curious about the spiritual.

Your search is for bliss. No one’s search is for the divine, your quest is for bliss. Bliss is godliness – I call the state of total bliss, godliness. The moment you are in a state of total bliss you are the divine. This means that the moment there is no desire left in you, you become the divine. Total bliss implies that no desire remains. If there is still some desire, there will still be some misery too. When there is no more any desire you are in total bliss – and only then are you one with existence.

You have asked, “What the need is to be one with the divine?” I will put it like this: there is a need to be one with the divine because you have needs. The day you have no needs, there will no longer be any need to be one with the divine – you will have become the divine.

Each person wants to be free of his needs. He longs for a moment of freedom where he is not bound by any needs, where he is just boundless and infinite; where there is nothing that remains to be attained. Nothing can be taken away and nothing can be left behind. That boundlessness and infiniteness is God.

God does not mean that there is a man sitting up there somewhere, and you will be able to see him and he will bless you, and you will sit at his feet and have fun in heaven. No such God exists anywhere. And if you are in search of such a God, you are under an illusion. You will never find this God. Up to now, no one has ever been able to find this God.

God is the ultimate state of bliss of your consciousness. God is not a person but an experience. So you never come face to face with God in the sense that you meet him or you go to see him; a meeting in which he is standing in front of you and you are looking at him. Everything that you are looking at is imagination. When all imagination and all thoughts have disappeared from consciousness, suddenly you become aware that you are simply a living part of this infinite world, of this existence, of this universe. The pulsing of your heart becomes one with the pulse of the whole existence. Your breath becomes one with existence, your lifeforce starts beating as one with existence. No boundary remains, no difference between you and existence.

* excerpt from OSHO. The Path of Meditation


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