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Through Meditation to Openness and Truth

(Part 2 of 4)

- How would you define what meditation is?

- Meditation is the method and state of finding equality, freedom and truth. Even Gautama Buddha said that meditation is the middle way. The 10 main keys to keys are naturalness, vitality, openness, relaxation, seeing, non-judgment, non-imagination, sincerity, totality, and witnessing. In general, meditation, openness, relaxation, and truth are almost synonymous because equality, all the equalities, make the foundation of meditation and truth. Equality is the basis of logic. On the outside equality is experienced, measured and induced, but on the inside, it is felt subjectively through relaxation and blissfulness. In the East, that is called Sat Chit Anand – truth, consciousness and blissfulness.

I will give an example of objective and subjective equality. During the chemical reaction the amount of matter and energy before and after it is the same, even when its elements and components are much different afterwards. That was not obvious before the experiments conducted by Antoine Lavoisier, the French scientist. Mathematics, physics and all other sciences function only because the equalities form their basis. Equality is also the foundation of alchemy or inner transformation. When we behave unequally with one of our children, friends or parents we start feeling tension right away. That is the beginning of insomnia and misfortunes. The scientific experiments show that monkeys react very sensitively to inequality. When monkeys are offered a cucumber instead of a grape for the same action, they get very angry and react aggressively. The same way things happen among people. We feel that with our entire body and being.

All household and scientific equalities have to be transmitted to the body and soul. Then there will be no indulgence for one or the other and no humiliation or praising. I behave with the one who is intimate with me in the same way as with a distant one. I behave with an ashram resident as I do with a citizen. I am in balance and equality everywhere and in all directions. That reflects beautifully in a body. Because of that, it is relaxed and healthy. A natural and sensitive state of consciousness is born out of that.

If you stand straight and feel your body, you would see that the body is inclined to one side or the other. This way, the mind and other inner tensions are compensated. Having found a vertical position, the body relaxes to its maximum and remains this way without holding anything. In body, mind, and soul. This centered equality and non-holding in the body, in the beginning, then in mind and finally in a soul is the foundation of the deepest relaxation, moving within, harmony and meditation.

By creating equality with your every action and moving to the higher equality in body, mind and soul, our energy flows fluidly and freely and we feel harmonious and easy. On the outside, equality is seen and measured logically and factually and on the inside, through easiness and relaxation, because nothing needs to be neither lifted nor pressed.

Thus, meditation is the conscious equilibration and centering of all inequalities. We look and move within, look consciously for inequalities and tensions by relaxing, and this is how we reach our hearts. Naturally and easily. If we manage to stay in the state of equality, equality and the meditation will further bring us to the soul and enlightenment, the final freedom and truth.

- Are you talking about a specific meditation technique?

- Maybe it is not a coincidence that 112 basic methods of meditation are known in the meditation science like the 112 elements in chemistry. Probably alchemy and chemistry were born together. There is a story in the Eastern mythology about how the goddess Parvati asked her husband Shiva (one of the Gods of the Hindu Trinity who is responsible for the destruction of the Universe): what are the methods of meditation? Shiva named them. They are different, for example, conscious breathing, conscious creation of a certain emotion and leaving it, conscious movement, stopping, etc. Osho Dynamic Meditation, which I have already mentioned, is composed of several different basic methods. For example, during this meditation, we suddenly stop after intense jumping up and down. The energy continues to bring us into the heart and soul. You have to discover yourselves and which meditation suits you like you discover your favorite food.

- Anyway, how to find the meditation method that suits me?

- This is like a seed finds the suitable soil and a growing method. That is seen and felt. If a seed sprouts and grows and later on blossoms and gives harvest, it means the soil is good (smiles). If meditation suits us, all the ten meditation keys open our inside. Matter and energy start moving and flowing through our all seven bodies. Energy – downwards, matter – upwards. Whenever we do, our body, mind, and consciousness feel whether energy flows or does not, whether it suits us or not. That required at least minimal basic intelligence. Like in music, sports, science and elsewhere.

- Is a guide is necessary for meditation?

- Yes, like a baby, child or young person need parents, a student needs teacher, a dancer or sportsman needs a trainer. That depends on maturity and practice. In the beginning, a teacher is necessary. In my Ojas Meditation School, which I have been leading since 1997, we noticed that after the first year of meditation, a man starts feeling sufficiently well his physical body. After two years, he feels his energies and emotions, after three – the mind, after four years – access reliably his heart. That is an entryway to meditation. Generally, a guide is necessary for meditation practice. In exceptional cases, for example, if a child meditated with his parents, he has chances to walk alone.  

- Does meditation help to know your inner truth?

- Such a thing as „my inner truth“ does not exist. All science confirms that in the world of matter and energies, there is no personal truth. There are laws discovered by science and they depend neither on an author nor in time or place. They equally affect gods and humans. On earth like in heaven, the laws function in the world of mind and spirit. They do not depend on author, location or time. It’s most important to learn to know them and use properly. Sometimes their totality is called justice, karma or reward. One who follows them does not need to pray or ask for forgiveness. An action arising out of consciousness is always harmonized with equality and all the laws. There is no mine or yours in consciousness. These are only notions arising in the mind sphere because of its limitations.

We come to this world naked and we take nothing out with us. Nothing here is ours, but we receive many things for growing, taking care and leading. If we understand that, then this world is heaven, if not, it’s hell. We can hold a thing of a though it’s mine, but then we have to hold them and because of that we are getting miserable in mind and consciousness, like keeping a thing in a hand or on our shoulders. Consciousness does not hold a thought. Naturally, it is empty and thoughtless. Like just after birth. If we hold a thought in consciousness is hard, we are miserable. The fruit I grew remains for me not because of  my “holding,” but because of the law of equality and cause. If you hold something as mine, for example, your wife, it is possible to see right away how your shrink and get tensed in the mind, imagination and consciousness, and as a consequence in the body as well. This way openness is lost and a wall is born.

The one who meditates is like an atom: it is open everywhere, at any time it can join any compound and leave it. If you are good at physics, you know that it is impossible to predict the way an atom behaves. This is similar to those who meditate. Such a man will follow equality and truth in everything because only without distinguishing a single direction he will be totally relaxed and will be in consciousness, not in the mind. In thoughtless consciousness. Therefore, his actions will be conscious, free and harmonious. For relaxation, we need to let go “our truth” and stay with the truth.

I apply this principle of equality in the daily life. That is the easiest and effective way. For example, I work in a dental clinic to earn a living That allows me to know a man from his teeth to eyes, almost from matter to soul. I have never supported the side of an owner, client nor a doctor. I always go along with equality, openness and truth and meditation helps to unite all these sides. On the outside – objectively, by facts, knowledge, and logic, on the inside – subjectively, by feelings, relaxation, and consciousness. Even when in a marketplace I buy products only from those who tell their price in complete relaxation and fluidity. That shows that they are truthful.

In Meditation courses, we namely teach to be natural and relaxed, but that is possible when following equality on the outside and in the inside. This way the outer and inner world unites harmoniously. We teach a man to even the balance between what he gives and receives, because only then he can relax and because of that, reach his hearth. Having added consciousness to this, meditation is born.(to be continued)



Updated on 08-10-2018

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