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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Through Meditation to Openness and Truth

(Part 1 of 4)

Interview with Meditation center Ojas leader,
meditation master, Prembuda, DSc.

You have been actively meditating for almost thirty years. What encouraged you to take interest in meditation even during the Soviet times?

I was born in the Raseiniai region, in a family of four children. From the very beginning of my childhood, unusual questions have been arising to me. For example, when I was five, I remembered my past life and asked my brother whether he had similar memories. He did not understand the question and looked at me strangely (smiles).  I brought this capacity from my past lives. Children still remember them, deep experiences pass through death. I finished the technical sciences at Kaunas Polytechnic Institute and while studying, I felt attracted to the meaning of life and other existential issues. I was always for freedom of speech and religion. Later I worked as a lecturer at Vilnius Polytechnic and I had to dive into science…

Once, during my student years, I was threatened by  knife. Even though I trained my body then, after this incident I realized that outer power is not enough – work with the inside fears is needed. After some time, a similar situation repeated itself and I discovered a partial answer in it. Then conflicts between citizens and students sometimes happened. On my way from a bus to a student hostel, I saw a group of a dozen young men on my way. Obviously, they waited for a chance to fight. I relaxed, calmed myself and passed through the middle of the group. None of them attacked me. Having walked through, I heard them talking: “Why haven’t you attacked him?” Then I realized that the method “you get what you give” works. And Jesus said that those who are meek will inherit the earth. I brought a certain capacity to relax and calm down with my birth. That is the beginning and foundation of meditation. But life has its valleys, turns, and peaks.

After I graduated from the institute in 1971, desperation and revival were felt in Lithuania. In 1972, R. Kalanta set himself on fire. For suppression of riot activities, the Soviet authorities decided to recruit more young people to the army. I was included. For two years I served as a recruited lieutenant. The Soviet security agents were all around me. By the end of my service, because of my speeches, the Soviet security called me and threatened not to talk like that.

After one or two days,  a lieutenant, who was also recruited, came and apologized because he denounced me as he was requested to do by security. I was not angry at him, because I knew that it is necessary to pay for freedom and I also realized the way the Soviet security worked. Later when I worked at Vilnius Polytechnics I received a trip to Tunisia for victory among student construction groups. The party allowed it, but the security did not. I did not feel sad. I started to feel happiness from within. That encouraged my further spiritual searches. Later I was allowed to visit Hungary. It is the truth that all societies look cautiously at self-liberation and spiritual seekers.

Only the path of science was left open to me then. In 1987, I defended my technical doctor dissertation and in Vilnius University started to investigate human visual perception, a completely new area for me, and after few years I created a unique computer-based diagnostic and training system for stereovision and stereo-activity, VISUS-4D, which I have kept on improving, even now. In Lithuania, Klaipėda Vision Development Center has been using the system since the very beginning. I introduced this system to the science world in the USA, Europe, and Russia. In Russia prof. I.Rabichev very successfully eliminates squint and trains stereovision using it. He says that VISUS-4D is currently the best in the world. It is possible with the stereometer to also explore the accuracy and activity of consciousness and sub consciousness.

In addition to my childhood and youth experiences, the results of exploring visual perception clearly showed that if the human eye, which is the mirror of the soul, evolves and it is possible to train it, that means that the soul also evolves and it is possible to develop it…

Since 1981, I have been reading unique and inspiring books by Osho, which were hard to get back then. A few events showed me what is more essential. In 1990, I went to Kiev, where psycho-energetic courses took place, and after several weeks I went to a free foreign country, France, where the European Scientific Conference on Visual Perception was held. I liked the inner search more. In 1990, I started guiding psycho-energetic courses and continued working at Vilnius University as a scientists. I continued to search in the field of matter and spirit.

In 1992, in Kiev, I met one of Osho’s meditation teachers for the first time. During the first Osho Dynamic Meditation lead by him, I experienced easiness and ecstasy. I realized that if that continued all the time, the life would be wonderful. I invited him to Lithuania and from 1992, I started to lead meditation courses. In 1993, I left Vilnius University and completely devoted myself to spiritual-meditation activity. In 1994, I finally sent myself to Puna, India about which I had heard a lot. I wanted to see the International Osho Meditation Resort through my own eyes. There I registered the first true meditation center in Lithuania “Ojas”  because meditation center can be born only out of a meditation center, like a man is born only out of a man.

Prembuda is my spiritual name, which means “love and consciousness.” Gradually, more meditators started gathering around me and in 1996, we established “Ojas” Meditation Ashram. Here, dozens of individuals live continually. Each has a room and meditates daily for one hour. A few live as couples. Love and responsibility is the foundation for that. True spirituality is born when going through life. There are no orders here. In the beginning, we rented apartments and later, having registered Ojas Meditation Center as a religious community in 2005, we settled in Vilnius and in Ojas Resort, surrounded by nature. Meditation is the most important thing in Ojas, and then spiritual and meditation teachings of different buddhas – Gautama Buddha, Osho, Krishnamurti.

From many meditations, I tried the Osho Dynamic Meditation is the most effective for me and for many westerners, as here we live and work at a high pace and in intense psychological tension. Osho Kundalini Meditation is also good. Osho Dynamic Meditation has 5 stages. The first is the chaotic breathing, the second is cleansing of the body, mind and soul, and catharsis, the third – awakening of energy by jumping up and down repeating the mantra, “Hoo, hoo, hoo!”; the fourth stage – meditation, stop, no movement at all; the fifth – dance. The meditation especially helps to relax without thoughts from body to spirit and that creates an excellent flow of energy and raises consciousness. Thus, I invited all the ashram residents to meditate daily.

The level of disease of Ojas meditators is about ten times less than before meditation and less than the Lithuanian average. Periods of illness are shorter and last only about a half day per year. We do not have alcoholics, drug addicts, abusers, and perverts. I have been meditating for already 26 years and during this time I did not miss anything due to disease. When practicing dynamic meditation soul, mind and body cleanse themselves, each body cell becomes flowing and permeable. Because during meditation we relax and consciousness touches the body and spirit, the energy floods and on reaches natural fluidity, easiness, and ecstasy.

On acceptance of meditation in Lithuania. Despite manifold benefits of meditation, Lithuania accepted it very suspiciously. Before joining the European Union, Ojas Meditation center was not registered because of various accusations and also different obstacles were created. In 2000 Ingrida Meilutiene, mother of Ruta Meilutytė, meditated at Ojas. She was undergoing divorce with her husband, Saulius Meilutis, who appealed me to the General Prosecutor Office because of possible danger to Lithuania. Almost all deeper meditators were being examined or cross-interrogated. But you cannot find anything when nothing is there. I talk about that because meditation provides fluidity, which Ruta’s mother had and her daughter is missing. That much worsens her results. Under uncertain circumstances, Ingrida Meilutienė was hit by a car, the license plate number of which was noticed by an accidental witness.

Later, after the last registration of Ojas Meditation Center was initiated in 2003, the Lithuanian authorities supported by the Catholics started to pursue women meditators. They also sent security agents here. The media informed us about them. The media suggested sendings new investigators. Neringa Mockutė forcibly hospitalized in the hsychiatric hospital for 52 days because she meditated. Lithuania did not recognize that this was religious discrimination. However on 27 February 2018, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) adopted the indictment against Lithuania and imposed a fine. Due to meditation, two daughters were taken from Ilona Gineitienė by Neringa Venckienė, a judge who has now escaped to the USA. They managed to return to their mother only when reached adulthood. Aistė, the younger daughter, tremendously enjoys the restored connection. This year, the ECHR punished Lithuania for the design and construction of CIA prisons, where stared and adherents of other faiths were tortured. The spiritual situation of Lithuania improved the since Lithuania joined the EU in 2004. Today, meditation in Lithuania grows its roots deeper and deeper and brings wonderful blossoms and fruits. (to be continued)


Updated on 01-10-2018

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