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The Roots of Tension*

Bodily tension has been created by those who, in the name of religion, have been preaching anti-body attitudes. In the West, Christianity has been emphatically antagonistic toward the body. A false division, a gulf, has been created between you and your body; then your total attitude becomes tension creating. You cannot eat in a relaxed way, you cannot sleep in a relaxed way; every bodily act becomes a tension. The body is the enemy, but you cannot exist without it. You must remain with it, you must live with your enemy, so there is constant tension; you can never relax.

Body is not your enemy, nor is it in any way unfriendly or even indifferent to you. The very existence of the body is bliss. And the moment you take the body as a gift, as a divine gift, you will come back to the body. You will love it, you will feel it – and subtle are the ways of its feeling.

You cannot feel another's body if you have not felt your own, you cannot love another's body if you have not loved your own; it is impossible. You cannot care for another person's body if you have not cared for your own – and no one cares! You may say that you care, but I insist: no one cares. Even if you seem to care, you do not really care. You are caring for some other reason – for the opinion of others, for the look in someone else's eyes; you never care for your body for yourself. You do not love your body, and if you cannot love it, you cannot be in it.

Love your body and you will feel a relaxation such as you have never felt before. Love is relaxing. When there is love, there is relaxation. If you love someone – if, between you and him or you and her, there is love – then with love comes the music of relaxation. Then relaxation is there. <...>


If you love someone, you do not have to pretend. Then you can be what you are. You can put off your mask and be relaxed. When you are not in love, you have to wear a mask. You are tense every moment because the other is there; you have to pretend, you have to be on guard. You have to be either aggressive or defensive: it is a fight, a battle – you cannot be relaxed.

The bliss of love is more or less the bliss of relaxation. You feel relaxed, you can be what you are, you can be nude in a sense, as you are. You need not be bothered about yourself, you need not pretend. You can be open, vulnerable, and in that opening, you are relaxed.

This same phenomenon happens if you love your body; you become relaxed, you care about it. It is not wrong, it is not narcissistic to be in love with your own body. In fact, it is the first step toward spirituality.




Updated on 27-08-2018

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