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The body and the mind are connected*

The body and the mind are connected. Whatever happens to the mind happens to the body. Thatís why you will have to be careful about your diet and what you eat.

First, you should not eat so much food that your body becomes lethargic; lethargy is unhealthy. Your food should also not make your body excited: excitement is unhealthy because excitement will create imbalances. You should eat enough so that the body does not waste away, because that will only create weakness. If energy is not produced then it will not be possible to progress towards higher consciousness. Your diet should create energy, but it should not be stimulating. Energy should be created, but you should not eat so much that it makes the body lethargic. If you have overeaten then all your energy will be used for digestion and the body will be filled with lethargy.


When the body is lethargic it means that all the energy is being used to digest your food. The rest of the body becomes lethargic. Lethargy is an indication that you have overeaten. After eating you should feel refreshed and energized, not lethargic. This is logical. When you are hungry, you eat; then you should feel refreshed because the fuel that you need to create energy has been supplied. Instead, you feel lazy. This laziness simply means that you have overeaten and now all your energy is being used in digesting that food. All the bodyís energy will be directed towards the stomach and the lack of energy in the rest of the body will make you feel lethargic.

So if the food energizes you, then it is right; if it does not stimulate you, then it is right; if it does not intoxicate you, then it is right. So remember these three things: if your diet is healthy it will not make you lethargic, if your diet is healthy then it will not stimulate you, if it is healthy it will not make you feel intoxicated. I donít think that you need any detailed explanation on this point. You can understand this and make the necessary adjustments.

Second among the minor points: exercise is absolutely important for the body, because all the elements that the body is made of expand with exercise. Exercise helps expansion. When you run, every cell, every living cell of your body expands. And when they expand you feel very healthy and when they are contracted you feel sick. When your lungs are filled with oxygen and all the carbon dioxide is thrown out, your blood pressure rises and the impurities are cleaned out. This is why in yoga the cleansing of the body, the total purification of the body is considered to be a vital necessity. So some exercise is good.

Excessive rest is harmful, excessive exercise is also harmful. This is why I am not asking you to do a lot of exercise, no excessive exercise: a little regular exercise will make you feel healthy. And donít rest too much, rest a little Ė rest only as much as you exercise.

In this century there is no place for exercise and rest. We are in a strange situation: we donít exercise and we also donít rest. What you call resting is not resting at all. You are lying down, tossing and turning Ė this is not rest. Rest is a long, deep sleep in which the whole body is sleeping, all its activities have slowed down and all the stress that it has been under is released.

Have you ever considered that when you get up in the morning and you are not feeling refreshed and healthy, it affects your behavior? If you havenít slept and in the morning a beggar comes to you, it is unlikely that you will give him anything. But if you have had a good nightís sleep, it is unlikely that you will refuse to give him something. Thatís why beggars come to your door in the morning, because in the morning it is easier for them to get something but not in the evening. This is perfectly logical. This is the reason why beggars come to beg in the morning and not in the evening; in the evening it is useless. By then you are so tired and the body is in a condition that you will probably not want to give anything. Thatís why they come in the morning. The sun has risen, you may have taken a bath, someone in the house has prayed and the beggar is standing outside. It will be very difficult to refuse him.


If the body has had a good rest your behavior will change accordingly. Thatís why food and rest have always been taken in relation to each other. Your diet should be related to your lifestyle. If there is purity in both, then you can have immense movement in your life, and it will be easier for you to enter the inner world.

* excerpt from OSHO. The Path of Meditation

Updated on 06-05-2014

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