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Spring AUM Meditation

This spring AUM mediation was meditated during especially favorable time. More intelligent people could participate not only in the spring 21-day cycle of dynamic meditation, but also to supplement it with AUM meditation. That is very useful for a scattered man. Beauty, freedom and happiness disappear if not supported. The same way as a garden.

 If each meditation rightly meditated, the easier and with bigger joy we leave postures, imaginations, attachments, believes, maries, jesuses, messiahs…, more gracefully we move within into our nature, source. In a deep meditation we may remain conscious, witnessing in sleep and while passing from old life to a new one. True spirituality has nothing in common with faith, saints and gods. Personal gods involve in personalities, shade live, creating and inspiring truth. True spirituality is not faith or concentration, but endless relaxation, flow, thoughtless silence and unimaginable peace. With presence of harmony, flow of energy, life and love.

To AUM meditation, which is meditated in Ojas twice a year, a beautiful group of meditatotors from Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Utena gathered.

Bread and also love have roots
Anger may be roots of love
Love is transformed vitality
The heart is full after ploughing,
sowing and harvesting
AUM mantra echoes by love and peace

In AUM meditation that continues for two and a half hour there are twelve active and passive meditation steps, which are arranged in a way that swamp and iceberg like mind and body could become a river and go through artificial tensions and stress, clean themselves and relax. Meditators become an impulse and a mirror to each other, in which one could see more clearly oneself and one’s ways.

Different meditation steps from emotional expression, tears, laughter, bio-energy, dance, confrontation with others – from one extreme to the other, until finally we relax in deep thoughtless silence... are ready to meet the other with an open heart.

That vitalizes, relaxes from tensions, stresses and cures inner wounds. That is healthy for a body, mind and soul. That is a meeting with our own live, vital and spiritual energy. Again we experience more plenitude in life!

After meditating for two and a half hours we feel deep relaxation, love to oneself and those surrounding us. That is time to celebrate life!

Echoes of AUM participants:

"During meditation I feel deepening relaxation. It seems that all my life I wanted to dance this way: with closed eyes, nobody disturbing me, in a way I want, without acting anything. So good… It is good that here there are more people who meditate – a supporting atmosphere to move within creates itself. I simply live.” Shaida

“After meditation it is easier for me to share with people. It is easier to hug a person, my shoulders are not so tensed.” Onute

“From the very first phase, the energy transforms greatly, raises up to heart. Then it is easy in a body and inside. In life my body is much heavier. During meditation hate turns around and flows up to heart: people look so beautiful to me. Usually I do not see such beautiful people”. Ruta

“A body feels differently. More fluent. There is a joy of life”. Joana

“In life – as workaholic. If I do not work – right away thoughts keep on rotating. During meditation it is possible to relax, let go troubles”. Arűnas

“During meditation I saw that I have an attitude that one gets tired while doing physical work and I get tired because of that attitude”. Kanta

AUM meditation raises health, joy and light

Ojas info, 2008-03-22

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