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Meditative Lecture and Course

Tantra – Heaven through Transformation of Human Energies

Meditative lecture: May 22 (Fri.), 2015, 06:30-08:00 PM
Course: May 22-24, 2015 (Fri.-Sun.) starts on Fri, at 08:00 PM

Takes place at Sadhaka, Esoteric center AUM, at 83 Kestuchio Str., Kaunas, Lithuania


Human body and mind determine human health, self-feeling and life, but his energies have the greater effect. The higher quality and more energy are better. First of all one needs to learn feeling them and then to use and transform.

In the Sanskrit tantr means the inside and tra - freedom. Tantra is the liberation and transformation of our nature, outer and inner energies. It is the most remarkable science and practice.

A natural and relaxed man can feel vital, sexual and kundalini energies. Yogis name them prana, the Chinese – chi energy. It is possible to feel their flow, quantity, quality and effect. But this is not the case because of the long-term repressions and perversities. It is possible and human to change that. All negative emotions and feelings as well as sexual and kundalini energies may be transformed into joy, courage, ecstasy, love, etc.

Only inside of a man is masculine or feminine. His soul is neither masculine nor feminine.  The same with his inside. Energies may be expressed and balanced through conscious sensing, movement, sharing and transformation. In the beginning it is important to feel your own masculine and feminine sides as well as those of others, as well as energies and start leading and flowing. At each moment. That is more than just wonderful. That harmonizes the most and makes happy the life of an individual, couple, family and lovers. Meditation and meditation practices transform all human energies in the easiest and fastest manner.

In this course – the transformation of human energies into riches, joy and happiness through meditative tantra. In the same way as a seed becomes a tree, mud – lotus and hell to heaven.


Course is guided by meditation master Prembuda.


Newcomers may join this course or any course of Meditation School. For self introduction and acknowledgment with meditative rules and laws, please arrive 15-30 min. in advance, wear light and hygienic clothing, have a personal identification document and a mat. A meditative contribution of participant is EUR 75.

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