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Meditation School / Meditative discourse, seminar and course

Tantra - the Development and Balance of Sexual and other Energies

In KAUNAS: Meditative discourse: May 23, 2019 (Thu) 6.00-7.30 PM
Practical seminar: May 23, 2019 (Thu) 7.30-10.00 PM

At Esoteric Center AUM, 83 Kęstučio Str., Kaunas, Lithuania


In VILNIUS: Meditative discourse: May 24, 2019 (Fri) 6.30-8.00 PM
Practical seminar: May 24, 2019 (Fri) 8.00-10.30 PM
Course: May 24-26, 2019 (Fri-Sun).
Starts at Friday on 6.30 PM (discourse and seminar included)

At the Zenhall of Meditation center Ojas, 21D Pavasario Str., Vilnius, Lithuania.


Lead by Prembuda - the meditation master and scientist,
as well as meditation teachers.


Spring is the time of blossoms, scents, songs, energies and resurrection of life. It is awakening, being born, growing and changing. If those changes happen with love, then that is Tantra.

Today living happily, healthy and richly is not only my potential and responsibility but also the potential and responsibly of everyone. While meditating gradually each cell and a bodily part change. That is seen and felt. They dance and celebrate together with the soul.  With the aged it increases all the more. That is natural and normal. That does not have to be asked, that is not sold or bought.  

Tan-tra in the Sanskrit is the liberation of the inside.  This way a tree becomes a seed and then a tree, misfortune turns into happiness, jealousy and anger into love. Unfortunately due to the repression of energies and especially the sexual energy as well as beliefs, that turned into perversions and diseases. But it is changeable. The easiest time is spring because they are abundant and visible. That continues through many lives, passes through death, but finally, our dependences and reincarnations on the Earth reach the end. They are changed by happiness and final freedom.  


Our body is from Cosmos, the energy of the Sun comes from there. Local wish and balance create tensions and sufferings. Thus we don't need it, but global, Cosmic balance. Giving and taking needs to be balanced in body, mind, and soul, in the inside and on the outside. This way through body and mind we reach heart and soul. That is beyond any wishes and dreams.

In the practicum we will be learning to sense, breath, feel and see the movements, then sensations, emotions, thoughts, feelings, and energies. Alone, in pair, and in a group. Then we will be learning to touch, move and affect them by developing, transforming and balancing them. This way gradually all our actions are turning into love, love-making with the world, in pair and in solitude. And that is not through efforts, thought or will but through naturalness, growing, evolution and balance. Through action from the thought-free consciousness and through consciousness.


Problems may be solved in a single course, but everything is resolved in meditation and Meditation School

It is possible to attend a lecture only, or in a lecture and seminar (Fri), or in the entire course.



Please, don't be late. Energy flow starts upon opening from the beginning of the lecture only. Those who are late might be not admitted.


Newcomers may join any practicum of the Meditation School. For self-introduction and learning the meditation rules and laws, please arrive 15-30 minutes in advance, wear light hygienic clothing, have a personal identification document and a mat.

Meditative contribution of a participant in Kaunas, EUR: discourse - 15; seminar - 25, entire evening - 25.

Meditative contribution of a participant in Vilnius, EUR: discourse - 15; +seminar - 25, entire course - 110;.

Meditative contribution balances an individual with the whole and the inside.


VIDEO: Tantra: Transformation of Sexual and other Energies




    It is pleasant to have such an environment where I can come, raise my situations, problems in a neutral environment and see them. Even I consider myself to be an individualist and it seems that I will do everything on my own, but here everything happens faster and clearer. I needed much time to realize that I will not walk far away on my own, that I need to take the experience from those who surround me, from meditators, from you for this process to be accelerated not up to ten, but probably up to hundred times. Andrius

    Huge experiences, with each course of Meditation School my sensitivity grows, everything is alive for me. Probably in life nothing, but only meditation can help. Angelika

    I am excited to search and use in my life what I have learned here.  This I also verify how energies move and things are getting resolved in life. At work, at home they help to find wellbeing, to look for a balance. Povilas 


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