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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Meditation School / Meditative discourse and course

Transformation of Inabilities and Misfortunes into Power and Happiness


Meditative discourse: September 21, 2018 (Fri) 6.30—8.00 PM
Course: September 21-23, 2018 (Fri-Sun); starts Fri at 8 PM.

At Ojas Meditation center Zenhall, Pavasario Str. 21D, Vilnius, Lithuania.



Inabilities and misfortunes are the consequences of our behavior and karma. The human potential in this wonderful and all-nourishing Earth is to live healthy, wealthy and happily. For that we only need to undertake the responsibility and reduce the effect of stereotypes, habits, beliefs and other interferences. Autumn reveals the yield of our behavior and actions the best.

Since the beginning of evolution, every seed and soul searches for power and happiness. Power grows with our ability to tense up and happiness - with our ability to relax. When becoming more conscious, a moment comes when soul touches matter and spirit with consciousness, like a plus and a minus; while energies and spirit as well as power and happiness begin to flow and grow even more conductively. It can be experienced and seen.

When growing body, mind and spirit with consciousness and according to the harmony and flow of inside and outside, new heights can be reached. This way, a seed merges into a tree and nature, soul - into meditation and Cosmos.

Harmony and meditation are continually disturbed by different local and global processes, emotions, plans and thoughts, however, their effect can always be dynamically balanced with consciousness and then, all inabilities and misfortunes turn into power and happiness.

In the discourse and course – logic, theory and laws of life, vitality and happiness, also review, analysis and insights of personal situations, games, sharing, practices and meditations.

It is best is to take part in the entire cycle of meditation courses, although a single meditation course can also have an excellent effect.





Meditation School: Alpha and Omega of Soul Growth



Course is lead by meditation master Prembuda and meditation teacher Shaida.



    "Meditation School, meditative practices and meditation is the place or the way how to live in balance or with more balance." Agne, participant of Meditation School.


Newcomers may attend by joining any practicum of the Meditation School. Please arrive 15-30 minutes in advance to introduce yourself and to know meditative rules and laws. Please wear light hygienic clothing, have your personal ID document and a mat. Meditative contribution of participant is 100 EUR.

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