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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Meditation School / Meditative Lecture and Course

Balance of Life and Meditation: Endless Beginning of Wealth and Happiness


Meditative Lecture: January 15, 2006 (Fri) 6:30-8:00 PM
Practicum: January 15-17, 2006 (Fri-Sun); starts on Fri at 8:00 PM

At Zenhall of Ojas Meditation Center, 21D Pavasario Str., Vilnius


A man is the body, mind and soul. A man is sick, miserable and suffers when the harmony and balance among them is lost. The easiest time to see and begin changing of your life and the way you feel is the midwinter time, when nature and a man are at the deepest point within. Like a seed in soil. Everything is open and nourishes, but dangers exist.


Science and knowledge brings wealth if consciousness unites body, mind and soul in the balanced way; if we see where we came from and where we are going to. So far that is not the case. Science changes our life the most. The inside is changed the most by meditation. Stay outside and in the body, but also remain inside, in soul. Then our journey is full of challenges and inspiring.

Pressure and commands brought us at rubbish heap and dead end. Thus, do not repress your nature and energies, but feel and transform them to wellness, joy and happiness. It is our natural and endless treasure.

In the practicum you will get to know deeper what is within your body, emotions, mind, heart and soul and where you are. You will also learn which bodies and energies you have, sense, feel and may use as well as transform them. Learning happens through meditations, meditative practices, games, reviews, inner and outer journeys as well as sharing.

We will review and find our place in the mind-consciousness wheel as well as the direction and steps of movement. Knowledge of your nature, potential and location reveals our maturity and the way to health, wellbeing and happiness.

This practicum is the first stage of the annual six-course cycle of Meditation School 2016.


VIDEO: Meditation School. Α and Ω of Soul Growth



Lead by meditation master Prembuda and meditation teacher Shaida.



    "During my childhood up until I was 24 years of age I had severe pneumonia each year and some other related diseases. I had suffocation attacks of bronchial asthma almost each month. Doctors told me that it is incurable, maybe it will stop in my adulthood. I started meditating when I was twenty nine. Since the very first practicum the suffocation attacks disappeared. I even saw the reasons. The attacks were related to my fears and old convictions. I have been daily practicing meditation for about 16 years. That brings me good self-feeling, I feel very good in my body, I do not have any diseases.

    After I graduated the four-year Meditation School I found my favorite job, the place I love to live. My body and heart revive", – shares Asta, graduate and participant of the Meditation School.


Newcomers may join any practicum of the Meditation School. Please arrive 15-30 minutes in advance to introduce yourself and get familiar with meditative rules and laws. Please wear light, hygienic clothing, have personal identification document and a mat. Meditative contribution of a participant is 80 EUR.

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