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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Meditation School / Meditative Lecture and Course

Tantra: development of woman and man energies and their balance

In KAUNAS: Meditative lecture: May 24, 2018 (Thu) 6.00 PM - 8.00 PM
Practicum: May 24, 2018 (Thu) 8.00 PM - 10.00 PM

Takes place at Esoteric Center AUM, Kęstučio Str. 83, Kaunas, Lithuania.

Lead by meditation master Prembuda


In VILNIUS: Meditative lecture: May 25, 2018 (Fri) 6.30 PM - 8.00 PM
Practicum: May 25-27, 2018 (Fri-Sun); starts at 8.00 PM (Fri)

Takes place at Zenhall of Ojas Meditation Center, 21D Pavasario Str., Vilnius, Lithuania.

Lead by meditation master Prembuda and meditation teacher Shaida.



In the Sanskrit the word tan-tra means the inside and freedom. Tantra is the liberation and transformation of the inside and energies. That is why we are born for. Spring is the best time for tantra, because such live energies as sexual, kundalini, anger, fear and others are at their highest peak of activity. They either create the hell within us or we are going to feel and transform them into joy, riches and love. When energy falls our body aches, we are diseased, feel anger and dreariness. When energy rises, we become healthier, more joyful and happy.

In practicum through the meditative feeling of live energies, communication, movement, touch, look and their development we are going to see what we better feel and what we can change info health, joy and love. Not through efforts, thought or will but through naturalness, consciousness and balance.

We are going to learn to raise the quality of energies by meditations, meditative movement, action, look, word, touch, centering, etc.; to experience that individually or in couple, in group, at work and home. That happens by changing from within and consciousness the habits and models of our movement and behavior. This way the seed becomes a tree, disease – health, anger and sadness – love.


At first we will learn to sense, feel and see the lower energies. Then we are going to learn to change them into the higher ones. The development and unification of small muscles with big ones, inner muscles with outer ones and little with large energies, the energies of lower and higher bodies is huge challenge and happiness. That continues not one life, but passes through death.

The masculine and feminine energies and sides are already within us. Men are better at concentration and acting though body, thoughts, forces and tensions. Women are better at relaxing and acting though energies, feelings, currents and their flow.

For love and freedom, we need to know both sides - masculine and feminine. When having developed and balanced all energies and both sides at least till the heart we begin to create heaven - joy and peace in aloness, in couple and in society.


Participating in a year-long Meditation School cycle enables changing of life and destiny most quickly and easily.


    "Meditation School, meditative practices and meditation is the place or the way how to live in balance or with more balance." Agne, participant of Meditation School.


Newcomers may attend by joining any practicum of the Meditation School. Please arrive 15-30 minutes in advance to introduce yourself and to know meditative rules and laws. Please wear light hygienic clothing, have your personal ID document and a mat. Meditative contribution of participant is 100 EUR.

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