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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Meditation School / Meditation lecture and course

A New Better Life - With Science And Meditation

Meditation lecture: 2018 January 26 (Fri) 18:30-20:00
Course: 2018 January 26-28 (Fri-Sun); Starts on Fri 20:00

At OJAS Meditation center Zenhall, Pavasario Str. 21d, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Lead by meditation master Prembuda and meditation teacher Shaida.


Can we change without misfortune? Is truth only necessary when things are going really bad? New year, when the nature starts moving from the inside to the outside, - the best opportunity to change one's life to a better and happier one.

Our life is determined not by others, but our own actions. They can't be harmonious until we get to know our senses and emotions, energies and mind which constantly constipates or has diarrhea. By mind we get to know our body, by meditative soul – body and mind. By acting more sincerely and more consciously we move towards harmony with our inside and are already creating a paradise on Earth.

In the nature, animals, that learn longer and more successfully, live better and longer. Since we also use our mind, the possibilities of our wellbeing and happiness are much greater but also, more dangerous. Like weight, power and speed. One can get to know, lead and balance mind and soul only with equality and meditation – best with dynamic meditation. Then everything happens without dictatorship morale and with more joy, ease and happiness. With inspiration.

Let's begin a new better life from where we are, but according to nature and balance, just like every life since its beginning. All life senses inequality and moves towards equality. It is how it evolves. All wealth and happiness, peace of mind and even entrance to one's heart are easy, when walking with equality. Do not believe it, doubt it, examine it, and in meditation - discover it. Experience and insight show that now it is best to study in various concentration education schools and add Meditation school as well. The sooner you start, the sooner wellbeing and happiness come.

The subject and date of this meditation lecture and course are well tuned with nature, Universe and the inside. Here, the searcher will find what he is ready to find, and will be able to change his life and the way he feels as deep and as wide as he is evolved in his mind, soul and consciousness.

In the lecture and course – vision, insights and examples for the wellbeing and happiness of meditation and meditative practice.


Participating in a year-long meditation cycle brings wellbeing and happiness most quickly and easily.






Newcomers may join any course of Meditation School. A meditative contribution of course participant is 100 EUR. Have personal identification document.
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Updated on 13-01-2018

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