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Is It Possible to Get Rid of Karmic Debts by the Way of Meditation?*

Skulptūra "Karma". Do Ho Suh, New Orleans Museum of Art 

Meditation effects like an autumn influences a tree or growing – a child's attachment to toys. Whether trees get rid of leaves and a child – of toys? It is bad if a tree or child is completely deprived of conditions for growth, maturation and development. So far the Western children do not have at all the conditions for spiritual development, meditation, thus in their adulthood, like prime ministers or presidents, they remain attached to football, wining and ambitions, to completely trivial matters.

In general one can never get rid of inner matters. Karma is like growing or disease. Whether you can get rid of your childhood or disease? One may only get healed, grow up or resolve and complete his karma. If you try to get rid of something in your physical body – a tension will remain in an astral body, karma remains in a mental body and if you try to get rid of something in an astral body, karma will remain in soul, spiritual body. Perhaps you do not see the consequences in your higher body, and then it will seem to you that you have already got rid of debt, pain and misfortune. It is only illusion.

Karma is like a disease or debt. How you can get rid of disease? It needs to be treated. You can hide the symptoms of disease, but it will remain deeper and will surely surface again. In the existence it is not possible to destroy or get rid of something.

Meditation does not remove karma, but allows us to clearly see it as well as the way of its resolution. A blind man follows a map; the one who sees trusts his eyes. Unintelligent man may discover from an astrological prophecy or palm fortune-telling that he will have to return a big debt, thus he stars praying and asking for the help of angels or fortune tellers. However, without expecting harvest or results, a meditator creates, thus prior to the debt return time in his garden he has the harvest which is sufficient not only to return this small debt, but also to celebrate.

Meditator is like a wise gardener or businessman. He does not wait for a seed to rot or a creditor to come to take the seed. He plants it, grows, gets an abundant harvest and returns not only his debt, but also feasts himself and shares with others.


* - Quote from book "Meditation: Share of Soul" by Prembuddha. You can purchase it on the internet at, and Lithuanian bookshops.


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