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Mar 14, 2004

Inquisitional Falsifications in Daily Lithuanian Newspapers „Respublika“ and „Lietuvos Rytas“

   The essence of inquisition is that you are guilty only because you are not Catholic or Christian. This is how the new religions are pictured by some means of media. According to inquisition, to be a meditator is also guilt. Even worse, that already in 1996 the officials of Lithuanian state - Mr. Petras Plumpa, Government Advisor on Religions’ Issues, started spreading such reference, and “theoretical” foundation of inquisition was laid at that time by the “expert of religions” of Ministry of Justice, and now already a cleric and psychologist Arunas Peshkaitis. You may find an inquisitional evaluation of religious confessions by Mr. P.Plumpa, in the annex “Inquisitional Information on Religious Confessions”. In it meditators are declared to be much more dangerous than Satan’s church or leaders of Satan’s army. And this document, as well as A.Peshkaitis’ inquisitional theory of “sects”, has not been renounced.

   Journalist Jovita Girlevichiute, who is catholic, after fabricating writings that humiliate meditators, rejoiced that in Lithuania sex and "sects“ are still in fashion. Even though these are only imaginations. Both daily newspapers, that have been at odds about politics and distribution of riches, agree in these areas. In Lithuania, the same as in “Respublika”, an anti-jewish commodity is also liked. On March 13, 2004 "Lietuvos rytas“ announced that pre-trial investigation was initiated against daily newspaper "Respublika” pursuant to the provision of the Criminal Code, which sentences to fine, to circumscription of liberty, to arrest or imprisonment for the instigation against any group of nation, race, ethnical or religious group. Unfortunately, such provision does not protect Osho Ojas Meditation Center and the people meditating in it, because the center has not been registered. After creating such legal gap inquisition uses it.

   Current time attacks of inquisition happen because RL Ministry of Justice needs either to register the Center or to find in it demons, witches, cannibals, ufonauts or any other dangers or "infringements“ of public order. Otherwise, the true spirituality without any masks, lie and falsification will come in Lithuania and this may deepen a crisis of pseudoreligions. All complaints to Lithuanian Security, General Prosecution Office, courts, State Tax Inspectorate and mass media initiated and falsified by Catholics during few latter years ended up in failures, because Lithuania has not yet seen such beauty and such real truth. The fact itself that meditation - relaxed, clear and blissful state - does not happen to Catholics shows that Lithuania lives in a slough of lie and violence. We know that meditation is natural and incredibly salubrious, enriching and blessing a person, his or her potency.

   We apologize the readers for lie of aforementioned press publications and your misguidance and declare that such statements in the February 23, 2004 "Respublika“ of journalist Mindaugas Peleckis as "More than 20 Western states imposed prohibition on Osho followers to visit their territories. The religions’ researches and medics of the world not once have warned people about the health hazards of meditation propagated by Osho followers, as well as group sex scenes, propagated by sectarians, were widely described “ have anything in common neither with meditation nor with Osho Ojas Meditation Center. These are only notes of desired hallucinations of daily newspaper and the journalist. Unfortunately, up to now all writings of that journalist about Ojas that are known to us are full of lies and falsifications, therefore he was asked off the premises and not once not allowed to enter meditation center.

   We may with absolute conviction affirm that after several decades or hundreds years, when nobody will know anything about "Respublika“ and similar "journalists“, meditation will continue to lead every intelligent man and will beautify his household and being.

   A priest and psychologist Arunas Peshkaitis, obsessed with similar "visions“, several years ago legalized and spread in Lithuania the concept of "sect“ for despising non-Catholics, without having any slightest understanding about meditation, in aforementioned "Lietuvos Rytas“ threatens and specially lies that in center is required "<…> from members each half a year to submit a certificate with respect to AIDS, to assign all assets to the group, a leader may punish a group member without explaining why, here authoritarianism dominates“. There are plenty of similar "modern“ falsifications in A.Peshkaitis‘ book "Modern Religiousness“ as well as in other bibles of other inquisitors. Here I can only feel compassion for those who envy and are in distress, similar to M.Peleckis and A.Peshkaitis, and to invite not to use gaps of inquisitional Lithuanian law, because persons similar to them and to Ronald Reagan - who organized Osho‘s intoxication in US prisons, punish themselves and the god created by Christians does not protect them. Not only gravediggers for Osho Ojas Meditation Center and it seems the heroine of "Lietuvos Rytas“ also fell herself into a hole she dug to her husband.

    I may encourage those who are interested in spirituality to search for truth and love, goodness and beauty and You will discover that meditation here is irreplaceable. On the basis of my own experience I may add that in fact it is sufficient to live straightly and heartfully for several tens of years and spirituality as well as meditation, naturally will step into your life. Faiths and gods impede real spirituality, love and meditation help.

    With love,

   P.S. It has not been heard and seen so far, that meditators in Osho Ojas Meditation Center, Lithuania or even in meditation centers in the world, would have AIDS, would be violent against women, children, would be alcoholics, drug addicts, self-murderers or killers, etc. As a gardener understands trees and looks after them, a meditator as well understands himself and the world and acts accordingly. His morality does not come from mind and conscience, but from heart and consciousness.

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