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Meditacijos centras Ojas

Yin Yang Meditation

28 October 2018 (Sun), 11.15AM - 1.45PM

Takes place at the Resort of Meditation Center Ojas, 8 Mishkiniai vil., Nemenchinės eld., Vilnius region

Yin Yang meditation is to be meditated on the day of spring equinox when nature moves outwards the most rapidly or on the day of autumn equinox when nature moves inwards at its highest speed. Spring is the most convenient and fastest time to change our way outwards, life and health; and autumn – the way inwards, our self-feeling and happiness.

Different stages of meditation are united in a way to activate, clean and harmonize body, emotions, mind, heart and soul. That is done not through efforts or will, but easily and inspiringly, through consciousness and balance.

Yin Yang meditation continues for 2.5 hours and has 12 stages, 10-15 minutes each. The outside chaos and cyclone gradually turn into harmony and peace according to the inside and consciousness. Having harmoniously and consciously united the inside with the outside and vice versa, we can realize our nature and potential as well as change our life here and now and also our future to healthy, rich and happy life.


Newcomers have to arrive 20 minutes prior to the beginning of meditation to learn the meditation laws and procedure. Please wear light hygienic clothing, have a personal identification document.

The contribution is 20 EUR (Osho Dynamic Meditation included).

Lead by meditation master Prembuddha.

It is recommended to meditate Osho Dynamic meditation (60 mins) before Yin Yang meditation. That is together with Yin Yang meditation, especially when lead by meditation master Prembuda provides deep balancing experience and change for the entire season.

Info: Mob. (+370 685) 115 33, (+370 619) 11551,

Updated on 22-09-2018

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