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Meditacijos centras Ojas

„Prem“ Ashrama

“Prem” ashrama was born around meditation center “Ojas” and Prem Buddha by initiative of meditators in 1996. A word “prem” in the Sanskrit language means love and “rama” – god. In buddhafield of ashrama the meditation is used to meet oneself; love, insight and creativity – to meet and share with other individuals and the world.

An individual is a foundation of progressive society. A sublime experiment, a great search happens in the ashrama how to be not a sheep, but oneself in body, mind and spirit. Ashrama people meditate, work in ashrama and in the world, and assume an individual responsibility for their material and spiritual wellbeing. Ashrama people study or have graduated Meditation school, actively participate in activities of ashrama and Ojas. This way they not only grow spiritually, but also learn to share meditation and buddhafield.

Common buddhafield is like a big sail – easily takes even upwards, even against the stream. This way is much easier, faster and safer for an individual to move within, to oneself than on his own. Ashrama people get sick at least several times rarely and are ill shorter than those people who do not meditate. Meditators much less than average use alcohol, do not use drugs, violence, do not participate in national, class, crusade and inquisition wars, more dance, rejoice and celebrate.

There is much understood and discovered, and there are chances that this experiment of search, support and creation of harmony of spirit and matter will succeed. So far this is a small oasis of buddhafield, a small corner of heaven in Lithuania. But it grows in body and spirit, flowers and brings fruits.

A man being and growing in the world becomes richer and more beautiful, and being inside, in spirit – becomes more free and happy.

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