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About 21 day Dynamic meditation cycle 2005
March 1-21


Prem: “When you meditate, you live within deeper, you grow. Certainly, it is hard enough to meditate day by day 7 or 21 day – always the mind, if only you are going with it, will explain, that “there is nothing necessary here…, why here to meditate 7 or 21 day, there are matters…?”

It should not be something special. Life itself and witnessing change our inside, make miracles – without waiting and hoping for anything. You may simply rightly go through life whatever comes. Something very happy comes – it is normal, if something very painful – that is also normal. Both sides are parts of life, it is necessary to go by and witness. If you went through one side, the other one will be also present. Life always happens between two poles: man – women, life – death, body – consciousness. The distance between consciousness and body – much bigger than between life and death.

If one cannot meditate one day a week, that is very Western, very human, and very christian. Afterwards, one needs only to reproach oneself, to talk with oneself, to receive “forgiveness” or simply “to forgive oneself ”. Similarly happens to alcoholics, if they wait out a day or a week, then such “deed” needs to be “celebrated”.

If one wants to understand, what it is to meditate 21 day… one needs to meditate and then starts to understand what that means. If you set goals, first of all 21 day will destruct them – all goals, hopes, despairs, expectations, because they only hinder.

There are several stages in Dynamic, when one moves inside, outside, inside, outside and at the end – a possibility to bring inside or extend it to body. That helps a lot in life from a viewpoint of health and happiness, well-being and blissfulness. In views of width, height and depth of life. If there are problems, they show up during meditation almost together with an answer and solve not by concentration but naturally, existentially – similarly like a tree grows or disease cures. In consciousness the answers to problems come without doing anything, simply when consciousness expands, opens and unites two spaces, two centers, two poles… The answer comes from seeing, but not from thinking, from wholeness, but not from part, from meditation, but not from concentration. If an answer is found by thinking, concentrating, it will bring even deeper tension, even bigger conflict and further one will need yet more to run, think, stretch, suffer…

Otherwise life already on the Earth, already here and now is heaven, dance, celebration.”

Gatyo: “There is such wave inside. There is additional energy.”

Neringa: “I reached deeper places. After 14 days, there was somewhat deep depression. Then there was a complete lack of energy outside – I feel how it soaks into certain niches inside. <…> Nothing is seen, everything is moved, uplifted, but not yet clarified to be seen. Today [the 18 thM meditation day] it started clarifying inside. I understand, that essential changes are happening inside, changes that I even can not name, but I can feel them”.

Shaida: “I see more clearly inside, more energy, spring-like freshness”.

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